Give us a call at (713) 460-1995


Give us a call at (713) 460-1995

Grocery & Supermarket

Whether you are opening a new grocery store or remodeling an existing business, choosing the right displays and supplies can be difficult. Our Lozier® shelving is easy to set up and extremely durable, so you will have a safe place to display your goods for years to come. Let our experienced staff provide expert advice to help you create an adaptable layout that will make merchandising a breeze and keep customers coming back!

Some of the many products in stock include:

  • Lozier® Shelving & End Caps
  • Pharmacy Shelving
  • Shopping Carts & Handbaskets
  • Wire Fencing
  • Backroom Equipment
  • Widespan Shelving
  • Peg and Scanner Hooks
  • Case Merchandising Supplies
  • Pricing Materials
  • Meat & Deli Equipment
  • Stock Trucks

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